Dallas Mineral Symposium: 2014

Dallas Mineral Symposium: 2014
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Welcome to the annual Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium! This DVD set covers the fun and informative weekend of presentations and discussions designed to help you become a better, and more-informed, mineral collector.

This 4+ hour DVD set contains the following presentations:

  • Dr. Robert Hazen - Carnegie Institution “The Great Oxidation Event - Diversity of Colorful Mineral Species” 
  • Dr. Peter Megaw - Tucson Gem and Mineral Society “Adventures in Mexico’s Great Specimen Mines” 
  • Evan Jones “Milpillas Mine, Sonora Mexico - A Modern Bonanza” 
  • Les Presmyk “Red Cloud-The World’s Greatest Wulfenite Locality” 
  • Dr. James Houran - Mineral Perspectives: Thumbnails “Thumbnail Specimens: Little Treasures - Collecting and Competing” 
  • Dr. David Mustart - San Francisco State University “Origin of Precious Metal Deposits - Mines that Produce World-Class Collectible Specimens” 
  • Gene Meieran presents Dr. Robert Cook - Auburn University “Gold Rush - Crystallized Gold Specimens from Classic California Localities” 
  • Tony Fraser “Gold Fever - Monster Gold Nuggets of Victoria’s ‘Golden Triangle’”
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