Pederneira: A Rainbow of Colors

Pederneira: A Rainbow of Colors
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The world-famous Pederneira Mine. Never in the history of mineral collecting has a single mine produced such variety and excellence when it comes to Tourmaline. Come with us underground listen to the stories of how some of the finest tourmalines in the world came to market. With photos and videos of tourmalines never seen before, this is mineral eye-candy at its best.

In this film you'll learn the history of the Pederneira, as told by the owners, of how it went from a coffee plantation into one of the most prolific tourmaline mines in the world producing world-class specimens year after year.

You'll hear the behind-the-scenes stories of the famous pockets that produced the tourmaline specimens we all love. Pockets like:

Keke's Pocket
The Giant Quartz Pocket
Sharon Stone Pocket
Proud Pocket
Rocket Pocket
Afghan Pocket
18% Pocket
Big Blue Pocket
Grandon Pocket
Azul Bien Grande Pocket
Bi-color Steel Pocket
Burchard's Pocket
Violet Pocket
Blue Gem Pocket

And you'll also learn about what is going on in this, the Third Era of Pederneira. 

This is a MUST SEE film for any fan of tourmaline or mineral collecting in general.

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