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What's Hot In Tucson: 2008

What's Hot In Tucson: 2008
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What's Hot In Tucson is an exciting and new DVD video program dedicated to discovering and documenting the hottest mineral news in Tucson.

In our 2008 edition, mineral-collecting pioneer David Wilber again leads us through the, oftentimes, confusing chaos that is Tucson so that we can focus on the hottest minerals brought to the shows. With his encyclopedic knowledge of minerals, this is like a master class in mineral collecting - especially when the dealers bring out their SPECIAL specimens reserved only for their top customers.

From the InnSuites Hotel to the Westward Look Mineral Show to the house of Daniel Trinchillo to the main show at the convention center AND MORE, Wilber compresses three-weeks of the show into an exciting and educational four-hours of programming on two DVDs. Along the way Wilber also interviews mineral collectors on the street to discover what new finds they've uncovered.

And this year we've also added a brand-new segment called Scovil's Top Ten Tucson Photos. In this segment, mineral photographer extraordinaire, Jeff Scovil, tells us all about his ten favorite photos shot during the Tucson show. Jeff's narrative is accompanied by beautifully detailed close-ups of each of these photos.

If you weren't able to attend the Tucson show, or even if you did attend, this is the number one video review of the entire show. From top dealers to collectors on the streets, this is the true heart of the Tucson experience.

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