New Crystal Hunters: Pala

New Crystal Hunters: Pala
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In New Crystal Hunters: Pala, our three kids (aged 11-14) go on a three-day whirlwind trip to the world-famous gem mines of Pala, CA. The spend the first day at the OceanView mine, the last working gem mine in Pala, where they screen the tailings for aquamarine, tourmaline, morganite, goshenite and more. Then they go underground at the OceanView to see the actual workings of this mine and an up-close viewing of an actual crystal pocket. Day Two and Day Three has our kids exploring and learning about the Pala Chief Mine - world famous for its gem-quality kunzite. At the Pala Chief the kids are allowed to dig in an actual crystal pocket and they pull out some amazing smoky quartz crystals that they get to take home.

Designed to appeal primarily to kids, New Crystal Hunters: Pala is a ground-breaking new series that shows kids the excitement and fun of field collecting. Loaded with lots of educational information, this new series bubbles over with the enthusiasm and excitement that only kids can bring to this hobby.

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