Capturing the Minerals + Mineral Artist: Scovil

Capturing the Minerals + Mineral Artist: Scovil
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This is our Mineral Photographer Package that we've put together for you.


First up is the DVD of the Westward Look Mineral Show's 2009 Sunday Evening Event where Master Photographers Michael Bainbridge, Joe Budd and Jeff Scovil spend the evening WOWING us with hundreds of their favorite photos. Talk about eye candy!!! These are the top photographers in the field and it shows! Every photo shown on the DVD are from hi-res scans that each photographer provided to BlueCap Productions. This is a 76 minute program that is sure to excite!!


Then, once you're done being inspired by these great photographers and their images, go into the studio with Jeff Scovil to see how he works his magic. This is a BlueCap Productions exclusive. No one has ever filmed Scovil in his studio as he goes about explaining everything he's doing step-by-step in this 11 minute DVD.


This is the perfect set of DVDs for the true mineral photographer out there. Pick up your set TODAY!!!

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