New Crystal Hunters: Arkansas

New Crystal Hunters: Arkansas
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New Crystal Hunters returns with a whole new set of kids and a whole new adventure!!! In New Crystal Hunters: Arkansas, our intrepid collectors journey to the great state of Arkansas in the search of crystal treasures.


Our first stop is the Crater Of Diamonds State Park - the world's only diamond-producing site open to the public where visitors get to keep any diamonds they find. Here they meet up with famous Diamond Hunter Glenn Worthington who shows them the ropes and leads them on their diamond hunting adventure.


Then our kids are off to Ron Coleman's Quartz Mine - one of the prime locations for the world-famous Arkansas Quartz. Here, Ron Coleman himself teaches the kids how to search and find their very own quartz treasures.


Along the way there are visits to a water park, a 1,000 year old Indian village and a twilight ride up a 216 foot tower giving the kids a 140-mile view of Arkansas.


New Crystal Hunters: Arkansas continues the ground-breaking work started with New Crystal Hunters: Pala and brings the world of crystal hunting home to kids everywhere.

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