Eberhard Equit - An Intimate Talk

Eberhard Equit - An Intimate Talk
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Eberhard Equit - Master Mineral Artist extraordinaire. Many have seen his work but few have had the privlidge to really know him. This DVD takes you deep into the history of the most sought-after mineral artist in the world.

Filmed on location in the United States and throughout Germany, Eberhard Equit - An Intimate Talk takes you on a journey through time as Eberhard shares his childhood stories of how he became the Master Artist that he is.

From his early childhood in Thuringia to his time in Dresden and then Berlin, you will learn where and how Eberhard developed his love for minerals and how he combined that with his passion for art. You'll also get an inside-the-studio look at Eberhard's painting techniques as he works on a commissioned painting.

With some never-before-seen paintings from Eberhard's early days, this DVD belongs in the library of all Eberhard fans around the world.

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