Dallas Mineral Symposium: 2011

Dallas Mineral Symposium: 2011
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Welcome to the first annual Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium!! Judging from the mineral-related presentations given, this will be a monumental annual event for years to come. It was a fun and informative weekend with presentations and discussions designed to help you become a better, and more-informed, mineral collector.

This 4-hour DVD set contains the following presentations:

Dr. Jeffrey Post - Smithsonian Institution
“Misson of our National Museum & the Role of Donations and Philanthropy in Building the National Collection.”

Dr. Joel Bartsch - Houston Museum of Natural Sciences
“Expansion of the Houston Museum, Collections, Acquisitions and Other Tales.”

Marc Wilson - Carnegie Museum of Natural History
“The Legacy of Your Collection: A Dream or a Nightmare?”

Judge Francis Allegra - U.S. Court of Federal Claims
“Tax Implications of Donation and Philanthropy.”

Dr. Eugene S. Meieran
Introduction - Science for the Collector

Dr. George Rossman - California Institute of Technology
“Color in Crystals”

Dr. Barbara Dutrow - Louisiana State University
“Origin of Collectible Crystals - Tourmaline Group.”

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