What's Hot In Munich: 2011

What's Hot In Munich: 2011
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 We're back for Europe's oldest and largest mineral show and this time Peter Lyckberg is with us as our co-host!!!

The theme for the 2011 Munich Show is European Classics and this is NOT ONE TO MISS!!! For the first time in history, some of the greatest mineral specimens to every have come out of Europe are gathered together and put on display - with many of these pieces coming out of thier countries for the first time ever!!!!

We also feature a bunch of interviews with exhibiting dealers as we go in search of the hottest new discoveries to hit this show.

And that's not to mention all the other exhibits on display in Fossilworld, Stoneworld and Gemworld.

This is truly what many people call the best single mineral show in the world. One look at this DVD and you'll see why.


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