Dallas Mineral Symposium: 2012

Dallas Mineral Symposium: 2012
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Welcome to the annual Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium!! Judging from the mineral-related presentations given, this will be a monumental event for years to come. It was a fun and informative weekend with presentations and discussions designed to help you become a better, and more-informed, mineral collector.

This 4-hour DVD set contains the following presentations:

Dr. David London - University of Oklahoma

“Gem-Forming Pegmatites: How Nature Makes Big, Clear Crystals”


Herb Obodda

“Dangerous Beauty: Minerals of the Hindu Kush.”Opening Afghanistan and Pakistan for Mineral Specimens


William Larson - Pala International

“Burma's Ancient Valley of Gems and Rubies.”

Travels to the Source in Mogok


Jon Voelter

“Introduction to Mineral Cleaning & Preparation.”


Dr. Peter Megaw - IMDEX/Cascabel

“Formation of Open Pockets of Collectible Crystals in Metallic Deposits”


Rock Currier - 

“Exploring the Mines of Dal'Negorsk, Siberia”


Les Presmyk

“Queen of Arizona’s Copper Camps, King of Arizona’s Mineral Localities.”

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