2013 Munich Show Theme Book - GOLD

2013 Munich Show Theme Book - GOLD
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2013 marked the 50th anniversary for the Munich Show and, as expected, they rocked it out in style.

Their special exhibit for the year was Gold and it amazed collectors, both new and seasoned, with its depth and quality of specimens.

In a tradition begun last year, the Munich Show Committee published an English version of their 2013 Jubilee Theme Book to accompany this amazing show.

Inlcuded in this year's theme book are chapters on:

Gold - The Nature of Gold

  • Gold Crystals and their Form
  • Goldbearing Minerals
  • Gold, Alchemy and Science
  • Gold Deposits
  • Mining Gold
  • A History of Gold Milestones and Specimens
  • The Gold Rushes of North America
  • Victoria and New South Wales, Australia
  • Russia
  • South Africa

Gold from Germany

  • Alluvial Gold in Germany
  • The Enduring Myth of Rhine Gold
  • Natural Gold and Prospecting for Alluvial Gold in Germany
  • Gold Panning Expeditions
  • Environmental Aspects of Local Gold

And much, much more!!!


BlueCap Productions has received all remaining English versions of this book from the Munich Show and they are available right here. Once our limited inventory is gone, there will be no more English versions of this book available. SO ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!!!!!


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