What's Hot In Munich: 2013

What's Hot In Munich: 2013
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It's 2013 and The Munich Show - Mineralientage München - pulled out all the stops to celebrate their Golden Jubilee anniversary. That's 50 years as one of the largest and most important mineral shows in the world and, as expected, their celebration was truly an event to be remembered.

For three days in October, probably the finest collection of gold specimens ever assembled in history was on public display to astound the over 40,000 visitors. The Dragon. The Corsage. Harvard's gold wire. The Ausrox Nugget. The Christmas Tree. And much, much more.

And if this wasn't enough, over 1,200 exhibitors also celebrated by bringing some of the finest minerals, gems, jewelry and fossils available.

Now, BlueCap Productions takes you back to the 50th Annual Munich Show to experience the Golden Jubilee celebration of one of the greatest mineral shows on earth! 

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